Seller Invoice Redesign - eBay

eBay Marketplaces – Seller Invoice Redesign

Reshaping information rich statements for improved understanding and communication


Sellers using eBay are provided a monthly invoice detailing items sold, shipping costs, service fees, and misc. transactions. Based on the level of seller activity this invoice can become rich with details and complexity.

  • Invoice design meets brand guidelines

  • Reduce complexity viewing detailed data

  • Include visuals demonstrating low service costs

  • Introduce personalized sorting options to sellers

  • Inform sellers with data-driven messages, announcements, and notices


I was lead designer collaborating with product management working out of Austin, TX who throughout this process routinely communicated by phone and email. We agreed early on a redesign was for resolving challenges and satisfying requirements. The final deliverable would be in the form of an HTML document and PDF.

Our first challenge was improving the invoices visual experience to be more consistent with eBay’s current brand guidelines. Another challenge was addressing seller perception with the cost of doing business being too high. A proposed solution was a graph presenting eBay’s fees having a minimal impact on seller returns. We would also introduce to sellers a new feature personalizing invoice details. Lastly, the invoice would be holistically flexible to translation in supporting eBay’s international marketplaces.

  • User interface

  • Visual mock-ups

  • Participated in user research

  • Prepared specs and annotations



In identifying the best approach for this project I researched invoices and statements relevant to product, service, telephone, energy, and financial sectors for their approach managing complex data transactions. I also reviewed existing eBay invoices in understanding what was needed to be included in the redesign.


Moving forward I began sketching various layouts for exploration. Working closely with the product manager we first established the layout and important details used for the invoice cover and announcements. This allowed us to spend more attention on carefully defining line-item details and visual graphs.


Once all data points were clarified I began producing hi-fidelity mock ups of the invoice cover, announcements, and transaction detail pages. Personalization was included later into the project once the invoice experience was more defined and nearly finalized.


Another challenge for the invoice was delivering a consistent on screen and print design as sellers used hard copies for record keeping. To ensure a consistent experience between these two mediums I printed the invoice regularlly and made adjustments comparing the two together.


Once we were confident with our direction we organized a meeting with sellers offering support. After collecting feedback, we learned they favored hard data over summarizing visuals. So we moved with including an additional table and kept one chart visualizing the overall cost of doing business. We then began optimizing the design leading to improving page contrast and chunking data together for readability.


After all of the invoice pages were finalized I prepared detailed specs while assisting engineering answering questions during development. Concurrently, we also finalized the personalization experience found in eBay’s account management settings.


Upon release the invoice was well received and customer service calls for help with marketplace invoices dropped. Sellers left positive feedback appreciating their activity breakdown and inclusion of personalization options to meet their business needs.