Checkout UX - eBay Now

eBay checkout – eBay NOW delivery

Integrating personal delivery into eBay’s web marketplace checkout


eBay NOW is a personal delivery service allowing buyers to purchase items from name-brand retailers and schedule a convenient delivery time to a location of choice.

  • Promote attention to a new service in an established experience

  • Inform buyers flat-rate delivery includes all items by the seller

  • Enable buyers to easily select an available delivery time


I was lead interaction designer responsible for including eBay NOW’s delivery service into eBay’s marketplace web checkout. I collaborated with designers, user researchers, product management, and engineering teams in integrating the personal delivery experience into an already established marketplace product.

  • Interaction design

  • User interface

  • Visual mock-ups

  • Interactive prototypes

  • Participated in user research

  • Prepared specs and annotations



I first researched competitive services and complimentary systems to gain a better understanding of the challenge. I sought inspiration from delivery schedulers, appointment calendars, online movie schedules, and any user-interfaces working with dates and times.


We agreed upon a list milestones and defined the customer journey we wanted buyers to experience.

Customer Journey - eBay Now - eBay UX


I began exploring an assortment of delivery layouts by creating low-fidelity mock-ups. Meeting with designers, researchers, and product managers we discussed initial approaches and agreed upon which explorations showed promise for further development.


Moving forward with creating high-fidelity mock-ups I continued exploring new approaches to existing ideas as our understanding of the project matured. We continued deliberating these ideas and selected two approaches to move forward with testing for customer feedback.


I created a round of interactive prototypes testing different approaches to scheduling deliveries. During testing we concentrated questioning on key touch points to the experience with hopes of understanding what the concept of delivery means to the buyer. We discovered buyers favored viewing more delivery times with less clicks.

1st Experience - eBay Now - eBay UX


We continued to optimize the experience by consolidating and removing UI elements that added clicks or caused additional thinking. We experimented with progressive disclosure for our second user-research but our findings again confirmed buyers favored experiences showing all delivery times up front. Another problem we found was not all buyers discovered the new service as an option in checkout.

2nd Experience - Customer Journey - eBay Now - eBay UXa2nd Experience - eBay Now - eBay UX


Two additional research sessions followed and were successful in delivering a satisfying experience. Buyers were able to discover the new service in checkout. Scheduling a delivery was intuitive and can be completed with as few as two-clicks.

Final Solution - eBay Now - eBay UX


Design annotations and specs were prepared while meeting regularly with the development teams to assure a consistent experience was delivered to production.


We wanted to be sure about delivering a solid experience and early on allowed ourselves additional time for testing to assure customers were confident with the experience too. The service launched in Q1 2014 and early results indicated buyers understood the intention behind the experience with no instruction where the eBay NOW service was available.