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eBay Checkout – Pay Upon Invoice (DE)

Implementing a popular payment service to an international marketplace


Pay upon invoice (PUI) is a payment service available in Germany offering the buyer a 30-day grace period – upon receipt of their order – to review and decide whether to complete the purchase or return the product at no charge.

  • Seamlessly integrate the new payment service into checkout

  • Inform buyers how the service works and expectations post-transaction


I was the lead interaction designer for this project collaborating closely with international teams, payments / checkout product managers, user researchers, and engineers. We closely communicated with our German partners integrating this new payment service into checkout as PUI was widely accepted in Germany. To validate our solutions we travelled to Germany and participated in user research to assure our buyers a satisfying product experience. Afterwards, we organized our findings and presented our solutions to the executive leadership seeking approval for final development.

  • Interaction design

  • User interface

  • Visual mock-ups

  • Interactive prototypes

  • Participated in user research

  • Prepared specs and annotations

  • Prepared/participated in executive presentations



I started meeting product managers for help understanding how the payment service works and gather requirements. Because no major UI changes to checkout were planned I proceeded to prepare hi-fidelity mock-ups in both English (for local teams) and German (for international teams) for further discussion of the experience.


This experience depended on an effective content solution clearly communicating to the buyer how the payment service works and how to complete payment after purchase. Because of communication and cultural differences between US and German markets this involved working closely with international content strategists preparing materials used for discussion with local teams.

Payment selection – Pay upon invoice – eBay Checkout


Once we were satisfied with the direction of the experience I prepared interactive prototypes using Axure. The team and I then traveled to Berlin, Germany to perform a two-day RITE study with participants paying close attention to their reading behaviors and understanding of the experience.


I prepared an executive presentation for our leadership detailing the experience, our challenges, and solutions using insights and additional feedback collected from the research study. Additional feedback was collected and discussed with the responsible teams for followup.


I continued to optimize the experience using feedback and collaborating with the VP of Design. The challenge was how to display essential banking details with the least amount of visual interference. After resolving this challenge and outstanding product questions the team and I presented our updated solution to the executive leadership and secured approval.

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